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About Vania
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Tango is a lifelong journey of personal growth. In the process of developing a consciousness about and connection to our body, we might face our fears, overcome weaknesses, grow empathy, and learn to practice the power of continuous self-reflection.

I aspire to be the best guide possible for students on their personal journeys, and to that end I never stop working on my own development as a dancer and teacher.


Currently based in Austin, Texas, I support growth and development of the Austin Tango Community by teaching private lessons, weekly group classes, and organizing the monthly Milonga ‘Uno’.

Private lessons: 60 min for $120


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Vania is an internationally recognized teacher, performer, and DJ, with work spanning three continents (North America, South America, Europe), including Buenos Aires. In her travels she gives lessons in four languages - English, Spanish, German, and Bulgarian. Vania has repeatedly taught and DJ-ed at some of the biggest and most popular tango festivals, marathons, and encuentros in the US. Students describe her teaching style as analytical, with a strong emphasis on technique. A versatile instructor who is well-versed in both lead and follow roles, Vania makes sure that both leaders and followers get their fair share of instruction in class, and that people of all levels get something valuable out of every lesson. Vania sees class topics as a general direction in which to develop the lesson, with the specific exercises and steps tailored to the needs of the students. Although Vania is predominantly a solo-instructor, she has performed with over 50 male and female partners. Some of the dancers Vania has worked with include Jorge Torres, Murat Erdemsel, Oliver Kolker, Ney Melo, Jay Abling, Jennifer Olson, Catherine Gorsuch, Junior Cervila, and El Pibe Avellaneda.

Vania started folk dancing in Bulgaria at 9 years old, then later added competition ballroom and latin. In 2000 she discovered and immersed herself in Argentine tango, taking classes in both roles, and started teaching in 2002. Over the years, Vania has continued to hone her skills in various tango styles - from milonguero to nuevo - because she sees beauty in each of them and believes that each style may suit different dancers.

By pairing an analytical mind with exceptional kinesthetic sense and strong observation skills, Vania emphasizes fine-tuning the fundamentals, and encourages the sharing of more nuanced communication as a path for deeper connection. With the use of imagery and references to sensations, body mec
hanics, and geometry, Vania manages to accommodate different types of learners. As a dancer and performer, Vania is known for her sensual elegance, exquisite musicality, amazing embrace, creativity, playfulness, and most a stylistic versatility which makes her a sought after performance partner for many teachers with various dancing styles.

Vania has a finance degree from Humboldt-Universität in Berlin, Germany. After working for 10 years in New York City, she is now based in Austin, TX.

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Vania began DJing tango in New York City in 2008, and over the years her musical taste and DJ style continue to evolve. Her greatest strength as a DJ is to relate to and play for dancers with wide spread experience and skill levels, an ability made possible by her work as a tango teacher since 2002.

Aside from hosting/DJing the monthly Milonga ‘Uno’ in Austin, TX, Vania travels regularly to teach and DJ tango around the world, from Buenos Aires to all over North America and Europe.



"Vania improved my tango more in one private lesson than years of weekly classes. I love her direct communication style. She can pinpoint your issues and works with you in multiple ways, telling, showing, and letting you execute until you successfully understand."

Lisa A (Montana, USA)


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